Membership and Donations

Make a Donation to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival

And be a part of the reason this great event continues.

Each summer for more than 39 years we have brought amazing music to the shores of Vancouver and we couldn’t have done it without you!

*Please be advised that the donation deadline to have your name included in the Vancouver Folk Music Festival program is March 4th, 2017. Any donations made after that date will be recognized in next year’s festival program.

Here’s how you can help keep the music coming for years to come:

Make a One Time or An Annual Donation
Your support is worth gold. Whether you leave a legacy gift or give a little or a lot, your financial support helps in every way.

Become a Sustaining Donor
Your automatic monthly contribution of whatever amount you can afford is the lifeblood of the Festival. Our current sustaining donors already ensure that each month our rent and utilities are paid, and in the darkness of winter this is a warming thought! Sustaining memberships can be set up through Canada Helps or by pre-authorized debit with our Membership Form.

Where Your Money Goes
Your financial contribution supports all areas of festival operations, from paying artist fees to the office rent over the winter months, or you can designate your donation to one of the programs below.

Festival Programming
Whether you give a little or a lot, your financial support helps to bring the amazing artists you hear on stage to the festival each year and keeps our Community Programs running. These programs include: Accessibility Services, Young Artist Program, Open Arms Initiative, Community Tickets, and Sustainability Efforts.

Brian Emery Fund
In 1988 we received a call from Brian Emery, a long-time Festival goer and political activist who believed in the power of folk music to help change the world. He knew he was dying from a rare cancer and wanted to leave some money to the Festival. We set up The Brian Emery Fund to help bring political artists to the Festival. In 1989, even though he did not live long enough to see them, Brian’s fund brought Palestinian artist Mustafa al Kurd and Nicaragua’s B-Cuadro to the Festival. Since that year, his legacy has lived on. If, like Brian, you believe in the power of music to help change the world you can support this fund and designate your donation toward political programming at the Festival. 

Rainy Day Fund (Buy Pete an Umbrella)
We can control the fantastic music you hear and the environment in which you hear it but we can’t control the weather or the rain. We can, however, be prepared for when the rain comes again. (This is the Wet Coast, after all!) We figure that a rainy year costs us about $100,000. By making a significant donation of $500 or more to this special fund you join a circle of donors who are committed to putting some money in a separate account to put an umbrella over us the next time it rains.

Endowment Fund
The endowment fund is similar to a permanent savings account. All funds deposited into the fund are secure and cannot be spent. Only the interest generated is distributed back to the Festival annually. We believe this fund will become an important part of the long-term financial stability of our festival.

All donations over $20 receive a tax receipt, year round info on what we are up to and your name in our program book. Donations of $35 or more automatically make you a member and give you voting rights at the AGM.

US Donors
Did you know that you can receive tax benefits for supporting the Vancouver Folk Music Festival? If you are one of our many friends from south of the border, and interested in making a gift of over $1000 dollars to The Festival, please contact us at 604-602-9798 for more details about the tax benefits you can receive.

Ways to Donate
Whether you make a one time donation or give monthly your contribution is helping to build the future of the Society. Here are three ways you can give:

1. Give us a call at 604-602-9798

2. Print, complete and mail in our downloadable membership form.

3. Make an online donation through

4. Visit us on-site in the Donations tent during the festival weekend.

However you wish to support the Festival, know that your donation will help us to keep the music coming for years to come.