Warehouse Photos

Take a stroll through archival photos from the Festival warehouse, and a trip down memory lane!


 This circa 1990 Warehouse Photo catches some festival-goers in the midst of planning their day. Where to go, who to see? You can almost hear the discussion: “Let’s check out Stephen Fearing on stage 6 at 10am, then head over to catch Holly Near on stage 5!” There’s always a lot going on, and it’s nigh on impossible to see everyone you want, hard to pick and choose. That’s the beauty of it, eh? What is your strategy for ensuring your best VFMF experience? Do you find a good spot and stay there, letting the day’s performances roll out in front of you, or do you move from stage to stage? Send your story toinfo@thefestival.bc.ca 









 This Warehouse Photo is a fun and hectic face-painting session! Having your face painted up with great colours and shapes, or to look like an animal or other fabulous creature, is definitely a highlight of the weekend for lots of festival kids (and let’s be honest, some adults too). Did you attend the festival as a young’un? What’s your favourite childhood memory of the fest? Send us your story to info@thefestival.bc.ca. We may use it in an upcoming newsletter.







 From the Warehouse Photos: a shot of happy festival volunteers circa 1990. Can you spot yourself or someone you know?








X Marks the Spot


Last week we sent you this image and asked how you mark your spot at main stage. Turns out one of you, a loyal newsletter reader, is the actual, creative individual who made the Pete-on-a-stick in the photo! Mike MacDonald crafted the marker in 1990 from a previous year’s poster so that he and his friends could always find their way back to each other.


Jacquie Boyer wrote to tell her X spot story. She says: “For years we have marked our spot with Mr. Gecko, a friend my Mom lovingly made after a trip to Hawaii years ago. I have a distinctive leopard print folding chair and we pin Mr. Gecko to the back so that the rest of our gang can find our blankie spot. He started off a very bright green but has since faded (in those years of brilliant sun!) to a rather dull shade.”