The Running of the Folkies


“The crowd strains against the starting gate cordon. Sandaled feet paw the ground. Straw hats cocked. A folk fest security guard calms the crowd . . .”

It’s an adrenaline-fuelled race, it’s an elegant ballet of motion and movement, it’s a tradition!

Our friends at caught the excitement, grace and pure zeal of the legendary “Birkenstock 500” at last year’s festival.

It’s just such a great piece, let’s all enjoy it again as we look forward to the opening of the gates at festival 2014.

Thanks to’s Geoff D’Auria, David P. Ball and Maryse Zeidler for capturing a true and iconic VFMF institution so beautifully!

 – read the piece in The Tyee and relive the madness . . .

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