Sharing our Common Ground

Dance, Stand and Sit in Harmony

For one magical weekend a year we gather on the shores of Jericho Beach  – young and old and in between – to listen to incredible music and share an ambience that is truly unique.  By and large it is a peacful gathering where smiles are the norm and everyone gets along happily.  

The one area of concern – one that has arisen over the past few years – is the Main Stage and how we enjoy the music there. There are essentially two groups: those who want to gather on their blankets and tarps after a long day and enjoy the music in seated comfort; and those who want to stand and watch their favourite artists.  

It’s a basic truth that when someone stands in front of a seated audience member, they cannot see! And this leads to conficts that we are trying to avoid.

We believe the area in front of the Main Stage is the VFMF’s Commons, a place that we need to share – those who come to sit and listen and those who want to stand. Last year, we insituted a new system help separate the two parties with generally good results and this year we will be bringing it back with some adustments. We ask that you please respect the sign that will be in place along with other physical markers, and that you respect the requests of security volunteers to keep certain areas clear. 

As a basic rule of thumb, if you are standing watching the music, take a second to look behind you. If you are standing in front of people who are sitting down, either sit down so they can see, or move somewhere you are not blocking anyone. It’s common courtesy! 

We understand that this is not an all-or-nothing situation. Sometimes the music (and the musicians!) demand that we stand up and dance, and if that’s the case, that’s what we’re going to do. For the rest of the time, we are going to ask you to continue to be respectful of those seated behind you. 

It has been a long-standing tradition to respect each other’s space at the festival, to tread gently on the corners of blankets and tarps as we make our way to kettle corn or a walk in the sunset. Let’s continue with the kind and caring traditions we have built, and look after each other as we work to accommodate different ways of enjoying the music.


BlanketA Blanket Policy

There is room for everyone, so let’s share the space respectfully. Every year enthusiastic fans line up for hours so that they can be the first to spread their blankets in front of the Evening Concert Main Stage. Please respect these claims. At the end of each day, all these little homesteads must be taken away – so the fun can begin again the next day.

New policy: Blankets and tarps must not exceed 10′ x 10′ in size.