A Tribute to Folkie Dads

I was introduced to folk music by my dad. I’m probably not alone in that. He’d play old 45’s of Peter, Paul & Mary and Gordon Lightfoot, and make us sing-along to “American Pie” on family trips. It was during those times that dad would lower his guard and let loose a little of his inner folkie, relentlessly encouraging us to join in. Those early folk tunes are what first opened my eyes to music’s almost incomparable ability to draw people together.

This weekend, whether you’re a father yourself or are celebrating yours, please enjoy this short video honouring dads everywhere, and especially those who love folk music and embrace the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Cheers to dads who appreciate good music, and pass that gift on to their kids. Happy Father’s Day!

Produced by festival-staffer, Geoff.
Geoff is a musican/writer/huge dad enthusiast studying in Montreal, and currently a marketing assistant with the VFMF. His dad, in short, is awesome.