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Alejandra Ribera’s “I Want” Named Winner of 2014 SOCAN Songwriting Prize

Alejandra_Ribera_featureSOCAN, the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada, today announced that Alejandra Ribera’s I Want is the English language winner of the 2014 SOCAN Songwriting Prize. “I Want” comes from La boca, Alejandra’s wildly applauded debut recording for Pheromone, released in February of 2014.

Toronto born, Montreal resident Alejandra had this to say: “‘I Want’ is a song about hope, joy and gratitude, and I feel all of those very deeply in receiving this honour from SOCAN. I was so happy just to be nominated and am indebted to those who celebrated my nomination and supported ‘I Want.’”

It’s an especially proud moment for Pheromone as this win makes it two years in a row for the label – the 2013 winner was Mo Kenney for her extraordinary song “Sucker,” from her self titled debut recording.

Pheromone’s owner Kim Cooke offered, “I am so happy for and proud of Alejandra. She is a special artist and human being and La Boca is a fantastic recording that will resonate down the years. I would like to thank SOCAN for creating the songwriting prize and also CBC Radio 2 and Espace Music which embraced and promoted this recording, bringing it to attention of music lovers nationally. Now the big question: can Pheromone three-peat in 2015?”





Win one free weekend pass for a newbie!

Do you know someone who you’ve been raving about the festival to for years, but has never attended? Is there someone you know who would just love the festival – the music, the experience – if they ever got a chance to go, and you’d like to give them a special gift?    

If you already have a festival ticket, or plan on buying one in the next week (or two), enter our “I Want to Share the Festival” contest and introduce a newbie to the joys of the VFMF. Send us an entry email telling us who you want to win a weekend pass for – and why. We’ll choose the top 5 stories and have an impartial judge pick a winner. That winning ticket-holder will get ONE FREE WEEKEND PASS to the festival for their favourite newbie.

We don’t need to know the intended recipient’s name in your submission, but do need to know a bit about them, along with the reason why you want to give them a weekend pass. If your entry is chosen, we might include your story in an upcoming newsletter.

Email your story/reason (up to 100 words) by Friday, July 4 to allison@thefestival.bc.ca with the subject line “I Want to Share the Festival.”  We’ll announce the winner in our July 10 newsletter.


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Unleash the newbies! (photo circa 1990???)
Every year there are festival newbies, folks of all ages who are introduced to the VFMF for the very first time, and every year there are proud veteran festival-goers who are making those introductions – eager to share the many pleasures of the festival with people they know and care about. Veterans know that a weekend at the VFMF can be an eye-opening, enjoyable, inspirational, exciting, even a life-changing experience! And we LOVE seeing new faces.
Tell us if this July is your first time attending the festival, OR if you are bringing a first-timer along with you – 

even if you’re not entering the newbie contest. Email your story to allison@thefestival.bc.ca. We might use it in an upcoming newsletter.


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Our congratulations go out to our own DK (David Kerr), the industrious and talented man who oversees the massive task of building the festival’s site with grace and aplomb every year, who was recently awarded a coveted Jessie Award, the Colin Campbell Award for Excellence in Technical Theatre. Way to go, DK!