Media Services & Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Vancouver Folk Music Festival.

Artist images for editorial use are available on our MEDIA PAGE.
Images of the Festival site are available HERE.

Applications for 2013 media accreditation are now open.

Please review the guidelines below, and click HERE to apply.


Media seeking advance interviews with festival artists or organizers should contact the publicist, Gwen Kallio (sisuproductions [at] / 604-602-9798 extension 603), as soon as possible with the interview request.

Please provide the following information:

  • Who you are, and what media outlet you are working for.
  • Who you wish to interview.
  • How you want to interview them: phone, email, in person.
  • When you are available to conduct the interview.
  • What your deadline is for completion.
  • Any special information to note.

Please note that not all performers do interviews and some do only a limited number.

A request does not guarantee an interview will happen.

We will do our very best to assist and facilitate your request.


Accredited media can enter the site by visiting Media Will Call at the Main Gate at Jericho Beach Park to pick up their festival wristbands.

Media Will Call hours are TBA. Please check back for details.

Media Services Volunteers and the Media Tent are located on-site near the Artisan Market, and across from the Food Area, beside Access Services and First Aid. We are equipped with high speed internet access.  The Media Committee Volunteers are there to help connect you with all the right folks for your stories, and arranges all on-site performer interviews.

Stop by the Media Tent anytime during the festival. Our policy is to provide working media covering the festival with the highest quality service, while respecting the privacy and needs of the performing artists at the festival, as well as protecting the live concert experience for our audience.

Audio/Video Recording

Accredited media are not allowed to take video footage except for accredited local TV affiliates, or those who have provided advance notice and have received written consent from the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. Please include all relevant information in your accreditation application. No personal video cameras or digital video cameras are permitted.

All cameras must be clearly identified with media affiliation. Tape recorders may be used only for interviews. Accredited media/photographers are not allowed on any stages, backstage to the Main Stage, or behind any of the day stages. Film and video cameras must be accompanied by a Media Committee volunteer at all times while on site. Please do not ask to plug in to festival sound equipment on site.

In most cases you may film a performer for only 30 seconds without his/her permission. Filming for more than 30 seconds requires the performer’s written permission. Photographing performers may be done during the first THREE songs of any set only. Please check with the Media Tent daily for each evening’s Main Stage photo plans and any restrictions.


Please note that the festival accredits a limited number of media. Even if you apply by the deadline of July 12, accreditation is not guaranteed. As a general guideline, media outlets applying for accreditation to cover the Vancouver Folk Music Festival must be in the business of news-gathering & music and arts reporting as its primary function or source of income. Individuals applying for accreditation must either be a recognized volunteer or professionally employed by a news-gathering organization.
For consideration for a media accreditation:

  • complete the accreditation application by the deadline of July 12;
  • be a current, working journalist, reporter broadcaster or photographer/camera-person (volunteer or paid) for a recognized local, national or international media outlet on assignment for the event.

If you are a free-lance reporter, journalist, photographer, videographer, etc. assigned specifically to the festival, please indicate on your accreditation request who you will be working for.

  • an assignment letter on company letterhead detailing the assignment from the assigning editor, with his/her name and contact info would be useful additional information. Email that letter to at the time of your accreditation request.

For requests requiring special review, or where questions of eligibility arise, fill out the accreditation request with as many details as possible, explaining the case for accreditation, and it will be reviewed.

Media accreditation is not transferable.

The festival issues a limited number of media passes.

When issuing credentials, priority will be given to the following:

  • Daily and Weekly publications / publications with a music or arts focus and established track record
  • Local television affiliates
  • Local, national & international radio
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • Approved and well-established web sites (based on traffic)
  • Wire services (CP, Reuters, etc.)

Applicants will receive a response in as timely a manner as is possible, based on when the request is submitted.

The Vancouver Folk Music Festival also reserves the right to decline or revoke media accreditation for unprofessional behavior or conduct.

Thanks again for your interest in, and support of, the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. We look forward to hearing from you