Have you ever thought about how a festival actually happens in a park?

You see cables running across the ground, enjoy the sound and brilliant lights on festival stages. But have you ever wondered where the electricity that powers the festival comes from – or even what it costs?

Well, let us tell you!

Bringing in temporary power for VFMF weekends has been costing the festival upwards of $70,000 a year! The math: that’s around $700K over the last 10. That’s a lot.

But here’s some good news. We now have an incredible opportunity to make a change for the better. Watt?, you might ask.

By bringing in new, permanent infrastructure, supported by BC Hydro and the City of Vancouver, we can keep the festival fully amped into the future AND save up to $45,000 each year.

Getting started with the project requires a significant capital investment. We’re asking for your help to make this positive charge happen!

Please donate to Pete’s Power Fund to bring power to the park in a safe, sustainable, and affordable way. Your generous and crucial contribution will help keep the music playing for years to come! The time to give is now.

• Goal: $100,000
• Any donation over $20 receives a tax-deductible receipt

Click HERE to donate today (use the drop-down menu and select “Help Pete Power On!”)