1998 Artists


Alberta Slim
Coco Love Alcorn
Dave Alvin
Frankie Armstrong
Arrows to Freedom
Roy Bailey
Anita Best and Sandy Morris
Tony Bird
La Bottine Souriante
The Bumpers
Jane Nunnett with Marilyn Lerner and the Spirits of Havana
Los Canasteros
Anne Clarke
Susan Crowe
Ford Elms
Felix & Formanger
Carmaig de Forest
Joy Harjo & Poetic Justice
Chester Knight & the Wind
Kokoro Dance
Mark Leiren-Young and Local anxiety
MacCrimmon’s Revenge
Mad Pudding
Susan McKown
Linda McRae
Mortal Coil
Moana & The Moahunters
Nawka & Kostorz
Nisga’a Ts’amiiks Dancers
Herald Nix
Jen Paches
Las Perlas del Son
Toi Price
Rebecca Riots
Rhiannon with Sal Ferreras and Jami Sieber
Rosanna & Zelia
Marian Rose and Friends
Leon Rosselson
Sonia of Disappear Fear
Christina Smith and Jean Hewson
Taraf de Haidouks
Third Eye Tribe
Themba Tana
Tickle Harbour
Kathleen Yearwood