Environmental consciousness and deep respect for the beautiful park that is our home every summer continues to guide how we operate our Festival.

We’re always working hard to keep Jericho Beach Park clean and green – along with the rest of our environment, for that matter.

Our continued efforts towards a waste-free Festival wouldn’t be possible without strong partnerships with Recycling Alternative.

Gettin’ Around

We encourage a variety of environmentally friendly options for getting to the Festival: public transit, pedal power, carpooling, or on foot. Once again, Evo Car Share will be providing a drop-off spot for Festival attendees.


Jericho Beach Park is brimming with water; it is home to a sensitive marsh area inhabited by a wide range of plants and wildlife, including ducks, fish, bullfrogs, dragonflies, turtles, and other creatures.

Regulation Note: Please do not wash your dishes at public taps as this may contaminate the park; City of Vancouver health regulations forbid the use of plates or cutlery from home. Festival vendors cannot serve you food on your own plate; however, the use of your own cups and napkins is encouraged.

Waste Reduction

Last year we reduced the number of garbage cans on our Festival site to encourage Festival-goers to be mindful of their consumption. Garbage cans were replaced with a new recycling and composting system that now allows us to recycle paper and plastic, and compost appropriate food products.

The Environment Committee thanks all Festival-goers for their efforts in adopting our new recycling and composting program. We continue to encourage you to look for the signs and put waste, compost, and recyclables in appropriate bins and not on the ground; cleaning up after yourself is cool!

Please don’t . . . pick plants or flowers, remove leaves or branches from our beautiful trees, enter the pond, or feed the birds. 

Please do . . . think about what you bring to the site, minimize the amount you leave behind.

 Waste Elimination

No bottled water is sold on site over the Festival weekend.
We encourage all Festival-goers to bring their own water containers or to purchase a refillable water bottle at the Merchandise Tent (for a fun Festival souvenir too!). Water stations are located throughout the Festival for refilling water containers – FREE of charge.

Compostable cups and cutlery and even stir sticks and straws are used throughout the siteThis also includes the cups we have in the Persephone Beer Garden. Special thanks to Persephone for providing Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) beer cups. Please don’t trash them. Be sure to compost them at the waste stations.