Wintersleep (NS)

wintersleep Ten plus years ago, the members of Wintersleep began working on songs in a small apartment in Halifax, NS. This is the second most notable thing about this particularly drab apartment complex next to the fact that, due to an oversight by the architect, if the pool on the roof was ever filled – the building would tip over. The songs they created were strange, full of rural ghosts and forgotten landscapes.

Performances have been described as “entirely honest” and “deeply moving” with “captivating ambiance” and above all brimming with intelligence. This quartet are far from your average band. “It is the lack of commercial sensibility and keen focus on honest musical expression that really makes this outing as enjoyable as it is in the end, if ever there were a perfect soundtrack to a bout of quiet retrospection on a rainy day, “Wintersleep” would probably be it. ” While playing live, the band attempts to make the listener as much a part of the music as the band themselves by encouraging everyone to sing along.

Juno Award winners, Wintersleep have taken their distinctive sound to audiences across many territories and continents and appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman. Pitchfork raves” Wintersleep have a tendency to cut straight for the gold with infectious guitar lines and persuasive, high-energy choruses.” Alternative Press agrees, calling the band’s music “rich and heavily textured, yet containing enough melody to satisfy even the most insatiable hipshakers”