Wallis Bird

Wallis Bird (Ireland)

“The sheer visceral energy could kick-start an entire economy… “ – The Irish Times

Originally from Wexford in southeast Ireland and now a proud Berliner, Wallis Bird is an expressive singer-songwriter with a voice and vocal range that are wonders to behold. Armed with energy to burn, that impressive range extends to her talents as a composer, arranger and performer. Bird’s notoriously fervent and impassioned fan base, says musicomh.com, are “spurred on by the singer’s ferocious live shows and heartfelt lyricism.”

Hard to pigeon-hole style-wise, Bird composes songs in roots and pop music settings. They’re aurally rich offerings that include everything from fully blown anthems and power ballads to cheeky covers, Irish sean-nos, stripped-down folk confessionals, edgy pop raves, and flirtations with electronica – sometimes jumping octaves in the bargain. She’s been compared to the likes of singer-songwriters such as Ani DiFranco, Fiona Apple and the young Janis Joplin.

She wears her heart on her sleeve, especially so in her latest (and fifth) recording, “Home” (2016), singing about relationships and feelings that radiate freshness, frankness and passion – and happiness. But like the best, she’s also in tune with her world, playinga 12-hour free gig in aid of refugee charities in Berlinin 2016.