Vashaan Ensemble

Gathering together some of the finest classically trained Persian musicians in Canada, the Vashaan Ensemble draws upon Iran’s rich musical past to perform joyful and memorable Persian traditional songs. The Vashaan Ensemble was formed in 2011 as a project to explore and present forms of Iranian music that have rarely been heard in North America. Their first collaboration, "Shadmaneh", brought lost melodies and unknown musical styles of Southeastern Iran to a wide range of listeners in an effort to demonstrate how rich and cheerful Iranian traditional music can be. The ensemble has since formed into a professional yet close-knit group of musicians that continue to explore the broad range of traditional Persian music styles and perform for a wide range of North American audiences.

Group Members: Fathieh Honari, vocalist | Reza Honari, kamanche | Ali Sajjadi, oud | Saina Khaledi, santour | Ali Razmi, setar | Hamin Honari, percussion

Filmed at The Cutch. This concert is a co-presentation with the Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra