Twin Bandit

Twin Bandit (British Columbia)


Some music is so peaceful it seems like it’s an unreal glimpse of calmness and serenity. That’s the tender feeling evoked by Hannah Walker and Jamie Elliott who make up Twin Bandit.

“Twin Bandit alchemize a whole new kind of musical gold with their gorgeous vocals as they sing about heartbreak, joy, and emotional arsonists,” describes Mark Jowett of Nettwerk Music. Drawing from the quiet folk giants that lay the foundation for this style, the duo can be likened to First Aid Kit, Fleetwood Mac and Daniel Lanois.

Three years after meeting as kitchen volunteers at St. James Music Academy, the soft spoken gals have logged their lost time before matching up as a duo, they’ve written a full album and toured extensively, not to mention already getting signed to Nettwerk. Their cooperation may be attributed partially to Hannah’s family background, growing up with four sisters who all sang together, so this isn’t her first stint working with female vocals and harmonies. Jamie is no stranger to those musical arrangements either, being a choir girl herself.

Twin Bandit joins the ranks of bands who have been produced in suburban Vancouver by Jon Anderson whose past projects, Aidan Knight and Said the Whale, have also gone on to play the Vancouver Folk Music Festival


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