Three Women and the Truth

Mary Gauthier, Eliza Gilkyson, and Gretchen Peters are Three Women and the Truth

Three women, three guitars – and the words, music, and hard-won wisdom garnered from three lifetimes spent in pursuit of the song.

Independent, accomplished, charismatic, award-winning – each member of this trio of extraordinary singer-songwriters writes music that cuts through the murky layers of life’s complexities to bring clarity to many of the challenges we all seek to figure out. Writing from their own lives, each is skilled in balancing personal tales with shared experience. Expect a rich mix of romantic gems, songs of struggle and pain, political diatribes, laugh until you cry storytelling – and to experience three powerhouse talents who will reach into your heart and create a brilliant memory.

Mary Gauthier
“With songwriting as powerful as hers, there’s no need to go looking for qualifiers…She’s a unique, intrinsically valuable musical voice. And there’s never a surplus of those.” – Randy Lewis, Los Angeles Times.  

Eliza Gilkyson
“Eliza Gilkyson’s signature as an artist is her courage. She lays it all bare, in song and on stage. Gilkyson will cry out boldly against war in Iraq, then come back with the most delicate song about longing and doubt. Through music, she shares all the hope and hurt in her heart, sensing that this personal expression validates the idea that we’re not in this alone.” – Austin American Statesman.

Gretchen Peters
“Right now, you would be hard-pressed to find a better songwriter than Gretchen Peters. Her willingness to sing about tough, somber subjects is a rarity in the industry, and on her new album, Dancing With The Beast (due out May 18), she continues to prove her mastery.” –The Shotgun Seat.

The trio performs on Friday night at the festival.