The Waterboys


The Waterboys (Ireland) 

Led by the legendary, literate Celtic troubadour Mike Scott, The Waterboys began marrying Celtic themes to rock ‘n’ roll 30 years ago, and in the process created a sound that influenced a generation of musicians. Scott has made a career turning poetry into what has been called “the big music,” creating a sound that has been described as that of “folk music being ripped wide open and made huge.” Their latest album, An Appointment With Mr. Yeats, sets the writings of Irish poet WB Yeats to music that Scott himself has described as “psychedelic, intense, kaleidescopic, a mix of rock, folk and faery music.” They are smart, they are loud, and however you choose to describe it, the music of The Waterboys will set your feet dancing and your heart rate soaring for all the best reasons.