The Shirleys


The Shirleys (BC)

The Shirleys are six unique women with signature solo voices, who have come together to create a jewel-toned sextet. They will delight you with their humour, passion and enthusiasm, singing everything from Cuban Carnival music and tragic Russian love songs to sweet Mandarin flirtations and wrenching Appalachian protest songs. Their diverse repertoire includes original material and innovative arrangements of songs in seven different languages, reflecting humanity’s common hopes for a better, more joyful world. The Shirleys, also known as The No Shit Shirleys in some circles, give you music full of joy, strength and courage….music to live by. They have performed for the World Peace Forum, the World Urban Forum, sung for the Stephen Lewis Foundation to great success, performed at many festivals, conventions, galvanized community events and set the mood at private gatherings. The Shirleys are: Yael Blum, Karla Mundy, Dawn Pemberton, Karen Lee Morlang, Samantha Taylor, and Victoria Oginski.