The Littlest Birds


The Littlest Birds (CA)

“Within about eight bars of their first song, there was a stunned silence in the room, and the audience remained captivated to their last note,” Agostino said. “I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed that before. … I know of few duos that have a more unique, compelling sound.”-Tom Agostino, Folk Sessions director, Prescott, AZ

If you think you can’t be blown away by a cello – banjo duo playing old time music, have another think, and plan to come see The Littlest Birds.Hailing from the small mountain town of Bishop in the Eastern Sierras of California, TLB are a touring cello and banjo duo that have established themselves on a national scale as folk and old time music artists. Both are classically trained: Dave Heubner plays the cello and Sharon Martinson plays the banjo as well as the French horn – “think instrumental virtuosity balanced by a breezy, backwoods soul music that is both intellectually stimulating and emotionally soothing.” You’ll find music to dance to, music to relax to, music to holler along with, and music that may even make you cry. Who could ask for more?