The Crooked Brothers

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2016

The Crooked Brothers (Manitoba)

Crooked Brothers - official

Who says you can’t choose your family? The Crooked Brothers are kin, no question. Their blend of timeless country classic sounds, back porch blues and stomping scrap yard funk has all the hallmarks of a close knit family project. The Crooked Brothers are home-brewed. They play homegrown, homemade music.

Both gritty and pretty at once – their take on folk, on Southern blues, bluegrass, rockabilly or anything they turn their hands to becomes their own. Sometimes it’s as simple as three sweet harmonies, or a single harmonica holding the whole room at attention – and sometimes things growl and shake and come smashing down with a strutting funky beat beneath it. Matt Foster’s unforgettably strange voice, inhuman and gravelly deep; Darwin Baker’s deft handling of the harmonica; Jesse Matas’ stories and poems-turned-lyrics. It’s all Crooked Brothers, to the last drop.

The Crooked Family Variety Show sees banjos, mandolins, guitars and more taking turns being juggled from brother to brother – each having their own style and touch, the arrangements limitless, and freshly brewed. Their timbre and lyric summon imagery of resilient souls, of long tough winters, of sadness, sorrow and longing, of life and mortality. They have toured 10 countries, played in nearly every province and territory in Canada, and released three full length albums, their latest 2014’s very Canadian Thank You I’m Sorry.

For a good cry, a good laugh, a dance on the grass without your shoes, it’s all right here. The Crooked Brothers.

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