The Como Mamas

The Como Mamas (MS)


The Como Mamas, Ester Mae Smith and sisters Angela Taylor and Della Daniels have been singing together in church since they were children.

The church is Panola County’s Mt. Mariah Church, a humble wood structure built in the early 1900s. And, surrounding that small house of worship is a cemetery, and in there rests several of the singers’ relatives. Della and Angela’s grandfather Miles Pratcher is there, a guitar player, songwriter, and consummate entertainer who kept the family laughing through good and bad times. He often played music on the porch with fiddlers and other guitar players, including the great Mississippi Fred McDowell. Della and Esther remember when famed folklorist Alan Lomax visited their house in 1959 to record some of these porch sessions.

The Mamas own recording, called Get An Understanding, came out on Daptone Records in 2013. It includes traditional, time-tested gospel hymns, from the most tender to rafter-rattling, full of raw, heartfelt emotion and power. Label founder Gabriel Roth said, “… all music tries to … put feeling into sound. The Como Mamas do that just about as close to perfect as you can.”

Record’s producer Michael Reilly adds, “Della, Ester and Angela believe whole-heartedly that these songs have the power to help and inspire people in their everyday lives.” Get ready for some glorious inspiration!