The Brothers Comatose


The Brothers Comatose (CA)

Actual brothers Alex (banjo, vocals) and Ben (guitar, vocals) Morrison hail from a household that was hangout for local San Francisco musicians and known for throwing great music parties. Everyone would bring an instrument and call out tunes. Together with fellow partiers Gio Benedetti (bass), Philip Brezina (fiddle) and Ryan Avellone (mandolin) they’ve taken the generous, rowdy house party attitude and brought it to stages all over the U.S. The environment the band creates with their music and live shows isn’t the exclusive band vs. crowd world of rock and pop, but rather the sing-along, stomp-along, inclusive world that gave birth to string band music. The Comas play no-bullshit bluegrass-influenced folk rock, and this summer their living room arrives via Chevy G20 Conversion Van to the festival. Yay!