Ten Strings and a Goat Skin

Ten Strings and a Goat Skin (Prince Edward Island)

Ten Strings and a Goat Skin - official

“A seamless, polished, barrel-drum-tight, rhythmically innovative & wildly entertaining traditional music powerhouse.” – The Guardian

Here’s a young trad/folk/fusion bilingual trio from PEI that we know you will love. Boy howdy, these guys are good!

Playing Irish, Acadian, French and original creations infused with modern and world rhythms, these musical dynamos have crafted a fiery traditional sound that’s feels brand new – an amazing feat for young fellas basically just out of their teens. At the core of their sound is a respect for tradition, but they’re riding a way that is redefining the roots of the music – exploring rich world flavours and textures.

And they’re getting noticed. A performance review by Marque Wire Magazine at Summerfest Milwaukee said that, “While groups like Bruno Mars and Motley Crue were amazing, other smaller acts like Ten Strings and a Goat Skin (“a gem”) were every bit as good.”

It’s trad music in the hands of a new generation – full of energy, passion, and spirit. Come see these ECMA winners, and join a growing movement of fans from all over the world who find TSAAGS’s Jesse Périard and brothers Rowen and Caleb Gallout “intoxicating”.


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