SINNOI combines ancient Korean vocal styles with electronics and jazz, creating something completely new in the process. The eye-catcher is singer Bora Kim, who has mastered Korean folk music as well as classical vocal styles. She founded the band with Lee Won-sool, a well-known double bass player from Korean jazz. The name Sinnoi is a variation on sinawi, the word that refers to the oldest traditional shaman music. The group is rounded out by sound artist Godam, and Jung-seok Lee on the traditional string instrument geomungo.

“SINNOI are a wonderful surprise. Just watch this unique band become a live and viral cult presence across the globe over the next decade. They flawlessly bring together minimalism, shamanic music, jazz, electronic sound art...” — Soho Radio

Concert: Friday 4:00pm East Stage

Saturday The Power of Three w/ VILDÁ, Witch Prophet 2:55pm West Stage