Rising Appalachia

Rising Appalachia (NC)


From the American South comes two women still in their 20’s, bringing hope for the future along with the promise of a singularly powerful VFMF moment of discovery.

Rising Appalachia is led by sisters Leah and Chloe Smith. Together they brandish the power of pure harmony, Old Time music, hip hop, soul and world-infused folk to spread a message of the need for urgent change – to help the environment, to change the mal-distribution of wealth, and to simply make the world better.

“we are building community and tackling social injustice through melody – making the stage reach out with octopus arms to gather a great family”

The sisters were raised listening to Appalachian lullabies at night and soul music for breakfast, drawing inspiration from both their local and the broader international community. They play their own natural and singular interpretation of string band music blended with other roots, world, and urban styles gleaned from traveling the globe. Their tours have taken them across Europe to the Caribbean, Central America, the Indian subcontinent, and across the US. They maintain autonomy by self-managing, recording, producing and creating, and directing their own work. 

Listen to their poetic vocals, soul singing, spoken word rallies, banjos, fiddles, organic bass, and groove rhythms. It’s the sound of building community – using sound as a tool to spark awareness, action, and change.