The Raghu Dixit Project


The Raghu Dixit Project (India)

The Raghu Dixit Project, led by former Bharatnatyam dancer Raghu Dixit, performs a potent mix of folk, blues, rock, Sufi, funk, reggae, Latin and bhangra. With songs inspired by the verse of classic Indian poets, Dixit’s unique sound reflects the diversity of contemporary India’s alternative music scene: ethnically and traditionally rooted, yet global in outlook. While at first India’s Bollywood-focussed music industry failed to grasp his musical potential, they came around to his galvanizing sound. Dixit’s self-titled album went on to become the highest selling non-Bollywood record in India in 2009, he’s written scores for two Kannada-language films (his native tongue) that has made him a household name in the region, and he’s been referred to as India’s biggest cultural export of recent times.