Quote the Raven

Quote The Raven

When Quote the Raven’s Jordan Coaker and Kirsten Rodden-Clarke met singing in an amateur choir in 2011, in their hometown of Conception Bay South, Newfoundland, they had no idea that it would chart a path for their musical careers. Quote the Raven blend haunting harmony and quick-witted comedy into their East-Coast-meets-Americana songwriting leaving audiences with a smile on their face and a tear in their eye. Their latest release, Can’t Hold the Light, was inspired by an impromptu trip to Nashville, TN that invigorated the pair and found them feeling comfortable in the Americana genre. Can’t Hold the Light is a summation of the journeys that the pair have experienced over the past three years.

Saturday What’s in a Name with Suzie Ungerleider, Housewife 1:15pm East Stage

Concert: Sunday 1:15pm East Stage