Quantum Tangle

Quantum Tangle (NU)

Take my bones out of this soil,
Break my back from all this toil.
Mix that water in with oil,
Stand and fight and make blood boil.”
– from: Freeze, Melt, Boil, “Shelter as we go…” (2017)

“the traditional ways that are hidden away can be revived by the beat of a drum”
– from Tiny Hands, “Tiny Hands” (2016)

Yellowknife-based Quantum Tangle combines the wide-ranging artistic visions of its two members, guitarist/singer Greyson Gritt and throat singer/storyteller Tiffany Ayalik. The duo draws from their respective Anishinabe-Métis and Inuit backgrounds to create a dramatic fusion of old-world sound and new-world consciousness. You’ll hear bluesy guitar, soulful melodies, percussive throat singing, atmospheric synths and rhythmic drum loops. There are songs about love, family, the notion of “home” and empowerment, and those that tackle hard topics with unflinching ferocity: racism, assimilation colonialism, and gender identity. 

Their 2016 EP “Tiny Hands” won the JUNO for Indigenous Album of the Year, officially hailing the arrival of a powerful new voice at the vanguard of Indigenous music’s transformative message and impact. The pair has since followed it up with their dynamic full-length debut on Coax Records, “Shelter as we go…” (2017), a collection of songs that combine deep blues riffs, traditional throat singing and haunting melodies intertwined with hard beats and equally hard-hitting storytelling.

Fearless, original, musically masterful, this is raw, honest lyrical storytelling at its finest, with a show-stopping sound.