Phosphorescent (GA/NY)


Phosphorescent is the working moniker of American singer-songwriter, Matthew Houck. The Alabama, Brooklyn based, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer possesses a recognizable highly distinctive artistic voice – a beautifully idiosyncratic instrument full of cracks and bumps and bruises that have always made his words feel lived-in and real.

His music glows with simple reverence and purity. On his 2013 album Muchacho, Houck “gathers together everything he’s attempted – beery, rollicking country-rock, haunted tribal hymnals, regret-soaked bar room heartbreak – and fashions it into something close to a defining statement.” (Pitchfork) The album’s indicative of Houck’s distinctive talent, dedication to his work and trust in his muse.

The spirits of Houck’s inspirations have always been a vital part of his music, linking his work to a strange but precise list of predecessors that includes Will Oldham and Willie Nelson, Brian Eno and Sandy Denny, Neil Young and Leonard Cohen.

We are thrilled to introduce this important artist to Festival audiences this summer.