Pharis and Jason Romero


Pharis and Jason Romero (BC)

Coming from a thousand miles and a border apart, Pharis and Jason Romero met in 2007 at an old-time fiddle jam. Both had been playing music for decades, and both were drawn to early country, old-time, blues and bluegrass. In 2010 they moved their home and the J. Romero Banjo Company north to the small BC town of Horsefly, and it is from there they build their finely crafted banjos, and play and write the music they adore. Pharis’ songs about ageless characters, hard lives, loss and love have been played on radios around the world. The BC Folklore Society calls her an “historical treasure.” Jason was a fixture on the Arcata, CA bluegrass and old-time scene, and is deft in banjo styles from early fingerstyle to clawhammer to bluegrass, among other talents. Their sheer delight in making music for music’s sake and the joyful lack of pretense makes their live performances an experience of pure pleasure.