Perch Creek

Perch Creek (Australia)


Formerly known as the Perch Creek Family Jugband, Perch Creek are five energetic Melbourne-based multi-instrumentalists, four of whom happen to share the same last name. This 4/5 sibling band play original harmony driven music, aided by a diverse range of instrumentation that includes guitar, double bass, washboard, keyboard, trombone, saw, banjo, and banjo-uke – with some awesome tap dancing thrown in. With 5-part harmonies leading the way, their sound threads together folk, roots, and rock.

It is a sound both old timey and new, familiar yet original, with tune titles that range from Party on the Farm to Bitchin’ Betty Lou, all arrived at through the band’s unique collaborative song writing. They have been performing and evolving over the best part of ten years, taking their music around the globe. They are beloved in their homeland, considered one of the most entertaining and innovative original musical acts doing the rounds of Australia today.

Live, their steam-powered roots music plugged into 3,000 volts of inner city energy, delivering unforgettable, funny and lively shows. They are a band that has the time of their lives on stage, and invite you to join right in. A band you want to see to feel good!

“They perform with such infectious joy. The gig was pure showmanship.” – Australian Musicians Network (live review)