Parsonsfield (CT)


Infusing a rowdy, rock n’ roll spirit into bluegrass and folk, Parsonfield is a five-piece Connecticut-based Americana band that will blow away any preconception of what you think banjos and mandolins should sound like.

They weren’t always called Parsonsfield – in fact it they changed it from Poor Old Shine just last year, in July 2014. The new name was born of the band’s creative experience recording two albums in beautiful, rural Parsonfield, Maine at Great North Sound Society, producer Sam Kassirer’s farmhouse studio/retreat. The recording process they went through inspired and signaled a change from being a more traditional string band to something that felt much more uniquely themselves. It made them the band they are today, and sparked an unexpected musical leap.

Parsonfield is Chris Freeman (vocals, banjo), Antonio Alcorn (mandolin), Max Shakun (vocals, pump organ, guitar), Harrison Goodale (bass) and Erik Hischmann (drums). The band has toured steadily since their debut as Poor Old Shine in 2010. In 2013 they recorded their eponymous debut album. The critics were impressed, with the UK’s Maverick Magazine calling it “a blistering energetic debut”, and David Vescey from the NY Times noting, “I fully expect to hear more from this band as the years go on.”

Well – he was right about that. This is a band destined for lots of hearing, this “boisterously youthful, yet deftly sentimental” group of musicians who deliver a buoyant, spirited, and authentic bluegrass sound. Come hear them too!