Oh Pep!

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2016

Oh Pep! (Australia)


Prep your ears for sometimes foot-stomping, somewhat heart-breaking original contemporary folk from Melbourne, Oz. The “Oh” is Olivia Hally (guitar, vocals) and the “Pep” is Pepita Emmerichs (fiddle, mandolin), two prodigiously talented and interesting young 20-somethings who met as jazz and classical music students  at the Victorian College Of The Arts. In the midst of studying jazz and classical, they found themselves kindred spirits in each other, drawn together by a shared love of traditional music. The common favourites that brought them together were Paul Kelly, Johnny Cash, and bluegrass – all influences that speckle the music they make today.

The songs across their three EPs range seamlessly from emotionally sumptuous to kitchen party, anchored by Hally’s candied-ginger voice — sweetness that masks quite a kick — and rhymes to match. 

There are great vocals here, stunning harmonies that make you pay attention. There’s also a bit of the off-beat, the singular, reasons why they’re already racking up noms and awards.

We are right in the crosshairs of their plan for North American domination, so we suggest you check them out. Find out why one reviewer said: “They … combine stirring melodies and stories to produce songs that have stayed with me since the first listen, and remain representative of everything I like about music.”


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