Mary Gauthier

Mary Gauthier (Tennessee)


To be affected by Mary Gauthier’s (pronounced: go-shay) songs, you don’t have to know anything of her back story (Louisiana orphan addict chef turned sober troubadour). Cadres of passionate fans, the respect she commands across gender lines on the Americana music scene, or the heavyweight catalog she’s built out of unflinching introspection and Southern Gothic-shaded storytelling stand, and speak, for themselves.

After 10 groundbreaking albums of original songs, going on two decades of recording and touring around the world, a harvest of music industry awards, and covers of her songs by a roster of great artists – Mary Gauthier’s place among the finest singer-songwriters on the planet is assured.

It is said that the master songwriters – the “truth tellers,” as Mary refers to the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young, Leonard Cohen and Patti Smith – those writers always put a piece of themselves into every song.  With each new album, with each new cycle of songs that illuminate her soul, with each old and new set of characters and life changes she introduces, Mary does the same. Her truths, her stories, draw us in – and we are fortunate indeed to be able to spend some time with this truly gifted artist at the festival again.

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