Martin Harley

Martin Harley (England)


“With depth that accompanies wisdom, the grit of anxiety and influences of yesteryear’s troubadours, enter Martin Harley: an artist fitting perfectly into your broken heart” 

Martin Harley grew up in South East England and learned to play slide guitar on a warped 12-string guitar while living in the back of a Holden station wagon in Australia. And he’s been moving ever since.

He is a supremely talented Roots and Blues guitarist, singer and songwriter with a burgeoning global reputation. Martin is a devotee of the music that came out of the Mississippi Delta, the slide guitar, and many other forms of roots music. Though Harley’s sound is rooted in the blues, it tells his own story and draws on the ruminations of a musician who has spent much of his life on the road.

He has released five albums to date, the last two recorded in Texas and Nashville. Martin’s last recording, Mojo fix, struck a big chord in the US Roots/Americana/Blues scenes, and he been touring coast to coast, opening for Bruce Hornsby, Iron and Wine and many others. For a glimpse of a great, check Harley out at the festival.

“No doubt that he is a slide guitar master. He is the business” – Roots Magazine

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