Mariel Buckley Band

Mariel Buckley Band (AB)

“the new Loretta Lynn…speaking her mind..joking, ruminating, flirting, thinking…[then] throw in a little Joan Jett, and you’ve got a songwriter who’s going to grab a lot of listeners…” – No Depression

With the May 2018 release of her sophomore album, “Driving In The Dark”, Calgary’s Mariel Buckley is firmly establishing herself as a fearless contender in the world of alt country. Record producer Leeroy Stagger says of her, “Mariel is one of those rare artists that you stumble upon whose songs are so good that they stop you dead in your tracks…” She’s an artist who pulls no punches — her lyrics are raw, her twang is true, and her big voice packs one hell of a wallop.

Buckley’s introspective songs about real-life struggles produce a narrative that is honest and clear-eyed – sometimes cheeky and razor sharp. In Ramblin’ Womanshe writes “Before we’re even kissing, I’ve already made other plans”. And while shecaptures a love of the Canadian landscape, she doesn’t shy away from uncompromising, even darker perspectives on the inner workings of her hometown.

With a country-perfect, even timeless, voice, Buckley has added an edgier tone to her classic country sound on “Driving In The Dark” than previously, enabling her to fully showcase her range as a performer.

Come witness her on-stage charm, revel in her impeccably-composed balladry, and experience this young singer-songwriter’s whip-sharp wit. Amidst a sea of neon-Nashville superstars, Buckley offers a real roots alternative, a touch of rebel spirit, and the brassy stage presence of a true raconteur.