Maria Dunn


Maria Dunn (AB/Scotland)

Scotland-born Maria Dunn has been described as “an arrestingly powerful singer-songwriter who writes great historical and social commentary.” Her music blends Celtic folk with North American bluegrass and country influences, and she draws deeply on the folk tradition of storytelling through song. Known for her keen social awareness and unvarnished songs about the lives of working men and women, she is often compared to the great Woody Guthrie. Her latest CD, a profoundly moving recording called Piece By Piece (2012) documents the lives and provides a social and historical insight into women working at an Alberta garment factory. It’s an example of how, through her music, Dunn celebrates the resilience and grace of ordinary working people, past and present. Don’t miss a chance to see this Juno-nominated songwriter, a true preserver of the spirit of folk music.