Luke Wallace

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2017

Luke Wallace

On the frontlines of the battle to salvage and save planet earth, music is a tool used for communication, harmony, and activism. Enter, quietly and softly, Luke Wallace. With a background in jazz and blues, Wallace is now a guitar-toting B.C. boy who uses his voice and lyrics to stand up to the bullies of the environment, those who threaten our shared resources and future, with a honey-sweet voice and feather light touch of the guitar string.

Inspired love songs written to the mountains, the air, the trees and the bears are the platform that have made him a singing diplomat at the Paris COP21 conference, and Costa Rica’s Inner Dimensions of Climate Change summit. Besides his music, Wallace has used film as a platform for folktivism with his project One Big Coast  – documenting his time in Kitimat, going to see for himself the landscapes, geographies, and communities that would be affected by Northern Gateway or any coastal oil spills in British Columbia.

When the news and the weather and the state of the world are alarming and overwhelming, listening to his latest EP “The Opportunity” is a surefire way to focus, get empowered, and find hope.