Los Vega


Los Vega (Mexico)
For more than five generations, the Vega family, natives of Boca de San Miguel in the Municipality of Tlacotalpan, Mexico, have contributed to the traditional son jarocho of Veracruz. Son jarocho melds Mexican folk music with Cuban son and other influences in a dynamic and lyrical music special to the Veracruz region. It is music traditionally played on stringed instruments like the jarana, the requinto and the vazarrona guitar, often accompanied by foot-stomping dance (zapateado) – and it is simply glorious! The Vegas represent one of the long-standing clans who have taken on the responsibility of keeping this rich musical expression alive. They perform the traditional sones from the broad repertoire of jarocho music, sometimes adding their own contemporary twist. Come meet Fredy, Enrique, Raquel and Claudio Vega and their band, and thrill to the jarocho experience.