Lord Huron

Lord Huron (California)

Lord Huron - UNOFFICIAL1

Ben Schneider conjured Lord Huron from the depths of Lake Huron during a trip to his family home in northern Michigan in 2010. Ancient memories, smoke over the moon, and nights full of laughter all bolstered the brew from which Lord Huron emerged. Ben brought Lord Huron back with him to Los Angeles, where strange young things are known to flourish, unhindered.

As the songs grew, so did the need for a band to play them with. Answering the call from California, brethren from years past, friends and fellow Michiganders Mark Barry, Miguel Briseno and Tom Renaud left their respective paths, or bent each road to their own will, to reconvene out west. An old crew reformed in a new harbor.

A debut album, Lonesome Dreams was released in 2012. Tours followed that found the boys in blistering deserts, reveling in sinister paradises, wandering frozen coasts and lost among the hanging fog of ancient forests. Strange Trails followed in 2015.

Some call it “indie folk”, others “Americana”, but it’s kind of hard to pin this expansively envisage music down to one descriptor. Listen, too, to the lyrics as stories twist and turn, and immerse you in their spell.

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