Little Scream

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2016

Little Scream (Iowa/Québec)

Little Scream - UNOFFICIAL1

When American-born Montreal resident Laurel Sprengelmeyer began performing as Little Scream in 2008, she played her first shows using only a battered Stratotone guitar, a cigarette amp, and a mic on the floor so her feet could serve as percussion. “That’s why I always wore high heels. They made the best stomping sounds.”

She would wail and coo, imitating the sounds of missing instruments that ended up as siren calls on her 2011 debut The Golden Record (produced by Arcade Fire’s Richard Parry), which Pitchfork called “a perfectly mixed bag of graceful folk, coiled pop, and expansive art rock” and NPR dubbed “absolutely captivating.” If that album was Little Scream’s searching, enchanting first step into the world, then Cult Following, her current release that’s already receiving rave reviews and Top 10 CBC listings, is the badass landmark cementing her place there.

 The concept for Cult Following was sparked while visiting a friend in a small intentional community in northern Brazil that was on the verge of becoming a cult. That experience laid the groundwork for the dazzling, dark, even whimsical recording, “a lush, expansive, retro-leaning gem that straddles intimate fragility with bombastic dancefloor-ready songs.” We like to dance, and there’s clearly a lot to explore and discover in Little Scream’s work – so we’re looking forward to experiencing her and her music live and in person at the festival!


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