Little Miss Higgins

Little Miss Higgins (MB)

From the Great Northern Plains of Western Canada, Little Miss Higgins struts and serenades her way, guitar in hand, lips blazoned red, onto any stage. It’s as if she just drove in off the back-road of another time with gravel dust and a sunset trailing behind her. This pocket-sized powerhouse plays music brewed up in old-time country blues, sprinkled with a little jazz and a hint of folk. And whether she’s singing songs about buying Bargain Shop Pantiesin small towns on tour, or plaintive and passionate love songs, she has a relatable knack for writing about real things. Her tunes are rooted in the truth, both practical and universal, and presented in a poetic and wonderful way. 

Born in Brooks, Alberta, raised in Independence, Kansas, and now living in Winnipeg via a long stay in small town Saskatchewan, she brings her notable voice, acute observations and a wry humor to all she lives and sings about.

Music entered her life early. “When I was about four my dad bought this old piano at a local bar,” she recalls. “…a mini grand piano… I carved my name in the side and started taking piano lessons.” She now uses guitar and voice as her main instruments, and her theatre background, to bring a “refreshing sound and story to the stage.”

She’s been honoured with JUNO and Maple Blues Award nominations, and won Outstanding Blues Recording at the Western Canadian Music Awards, and Favourite Blues Artist/Group or Duo of the Year at the 8th Annual Indies Awards. Her new band, the Winnipeg Five – all excellent musicians with awards of their own – are a fitting alliance both onstage and in the studio.

We can’t wait to hear what these prairie dynamos are bringing to share!