Les Poules à Colin

Les Poules à Colin (Quebec)


Lanaudière is known round the world as Québec‘s most musical region. There, traditional music is in the air and water, all around and handed down through generations. Such is the story of the members of Les Poules à Colin, four young gals and a guy named Colin who grew up in active musician families in Lanaudière, and now carry the traditions forward while adding some new songs and sounds of their own. The group’s name comes from a traditional song that translates in English to “Colin’s Hens”.

They perform a sparkling, diversified, bilingual repertoire of intimate waltzes, reels and beautifully sung call-and-response songs. Since coming together in 2008, Éléonore Pitre (guitar, vocals), Sarah Marchand (vocals, piano, guitar, bohdran), Colin Savoie-Levac (strings, podo-rhythm, vocals), Béatrix Méthé (violin, vocals), and Marie Savoie-Levac (piano, bass, vocals) have toured, studied, created and recorded three albums.

Come and enjoy Colin’s Hens, the inspired sound of new Quebec folk trad music.

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