Les Noces Gitanes

Les Noces Gitanes (France)

Les Noces GItanes photo

For over 10 years, Les Noces Gitanes has taken their audiences on a colourful, musical voyage from the Balkans to Andalucia on through to the Maghreb. In concert, the group offers a rich and unique show, merging the musical styles of the Mediterranean peoples in a joyful hybrid.

Brothers Alejandro (lead vocals) and Aurélien (saxophone, clarinet), formed the group in their university town of Angers, France. Initially their compositions were largely inspired by Tzigane culture, but the arrival and input of musicians of varying backgrounds and artistic influences soon stretched the boundaries of the group’s musical universe.

In search of a inspiration, the brothers travelled throughout Europe, and found it in the Tzigane villages of Romania with musicians from Ciocarlia and Taraf de Haïdouks, and in Jerez de la Frontera, the Mecca of flamenco.

Today, Les Noces Gitanes is made up of six diverse musicians and a hypnotic flamenco/Tzigane-Gypsy dancer. Their latest album, La Luna y El Sol, (September 2015) blends contemporary sounds with flamenco and Arab song, Balkan fanfare and percussive footwork. It is the result of the wealth and knowledge of widely ranging cultural influences, both inside the band and out.


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