Lena Anderssen


Lena Anderssen (Faroe Islands/BC)

She’s been called “hauntingly honest, poetically pensive, and radiantly real.” For Lena Anderssen, writing and performing songs is not only what she wants to do, it is what she is all about. Her music comes straight from the core of her being, from personal stories of longing, regrets, dreams, heartache and hope, and her vocals “dance between sweet highs and sultry lows.” (Paste Magazine). This Faroese-Canadian has roots both in BC and in the North Sea’s Faroe Islands, and her suitcase full of stories is garnering her awards and fans in both her homelands and beyond. On stage, Lena is known for the intense and intimate delivery of her personal poetry and catchy pop songs. She’ll leave you with no doubt that this singer/songwriter is the real deal.