Las Estrellas de Vancouver

Las Estrellas de Vancouver (BC / Mexico)

We’re thrilled to welcome Las Estrellas de Vancouver, Vancouver’s only all-female mariachi band, to Jericho Beach Park!

Formed during the summer of 2014 by Michelle Cormier, Mariachi Las Estrellas is comprised of a diverse, talented, and dedicated group of women musicians from a variety of backgrounds, including players from classical, jazz and world music. While all of them are involved in a variety of different projects, they came together out of their common love for mariachi music. The ensemble’s goal is to explore, in depth, the music of Mexico, a culture rich and varied in its musical traditions.

Traditionally the musical stomping ground of men, with the songs reflecting the male perspective, the rise in all-female mariachi groups here and in other locales reflects an empowering movement in the music form. In addition to playing at a range of concert and festival events, La Estrellas have participated in the first International Women’s Mariachi Festival in Tlaxcala, Mexico – and have hosted two Women’s Mariachi events here with guest historian and founder of the Women’s Mariachi Foundation in San Diego, California, Dr. Leonor Xochitl Perez.

Come revel in the sounds of this exciting and emotions music. Come celebrate the strong presence of women in mariachi! 

Que vivan las mujeres en mariachi!