Land of Talk

Land of Talk (Québec)


Land of Talk is a an indie rock band formed in 2006 in Montreal, primarily consisting of singer and guitarist Elizabeth Powell.

Before becoming the front-woman for Land of Talk, Elizabeth Powell performed as a solo artist under the name ELE_K*. She began writing music at the age of fourteen while growing up in Guelph, Ontario. She enrolled in the jazz program at Concordia University, where she met Chris McCarron and Mark Wheaton with whom she formed Land of Talk. Eric Thibodeau replaced Wheaton on drums in May 2007 to complete a new lineup.

“Some bands have a bit more of a meteoric rise, and some are slow burners. I like to think we’re a slow burner,” Powell says. “It’s totally true to who I am and how I approach my own life. Very slow and very unsure, but curious. And it all works out.”

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