Lache Cercel & The Roma Jazz Ensemble

Lache Cercel Roma Jazz
British Columbia

Originally from Bucharest, Lache created the new musical genre Roma jazz, by merging Eastern influences with western musicology. In celebration of his multi-cultural influence in music, this unique collaboration features a selection of highly regarded musicians, singers and dancers.

Cercel is a bandleader who lets every musician shine. He plays with the outrageous virtuosity found in contemporary European Roma recordings, and adds his own vision, relaxing the form somewhat. The musicians play with freedom and the listener feels the strong roots and hears the history of tragedy, struggle and ultimate survival that is part of Roma music.

Lache is committed to breaking down cultural barriers and sends a message that we are ‘all one nation’ by celebrating our similarities and growing from differences. 

Saturday Swing Time with Christine Tassan 1:35pm West Stage

Concert: Sunday 3:05pm South Stage