La Gallera Social Club

La Gallera Social Club (Venezuela)


La Gallera Social Club is an exciting musical experience filled with Venezuelan folklore, psychedelia, traditional elements of South American culture, and an adventuresome approach to making music. In their sound, you can hear both the protests of the oppressed melded with a touch of bright hope, because it is here where Latin America and the Caribe vibrate. “La Gallera” is the country, the joy, the fun, the place where the roosters get together, not to fight but to sing and dance, all with the cadence of traditional Venezuelan melodies.

Miguel, Alexis and Carlos are inspired in their music by their environment, the urban and the natural, by the rhythms of everyday conversations – el cantaíto– by the Venezuelan spirit, laughter, the people’s ideas and spirit. They were compelled to take their instruments to the “Gallera”. In friendship and celebration. La Galleras create a unique style of music that melds their instruments, festivities, and the cultural movements and life of their native Venezuela.

In 2011, the three friends of La Gallera Social Club released two independent albums, Ecos del Tercer Mundo Vol.1 (Echoes of the Third World) and Ecos del Tercer Mundo Vol.2. In 2012 and 2013, they toured internationally for the first time, around Venezuela and to Colombia, Spain, France and Belgium, and were invited to participate in a UN campaign against child violence.

The release of their next album Caribe is scheduled for this year, followed by a European tour.