Kathleen Edwards


Kathleen Edwards (ON)

The daughter of a diplomat and a classically trained violinist, Kathleen Edwards grew up in countries like South Korea and Switzerland, listening to pop. But back in Canada, her brother’s musical taste shaped her own: Bob Dylan and Neil Young became a part of her musical world. It’s been about a decade since Kathleen Edwards first created a buzz on the indie music scene with the release of her second recording, Failer, around 2003. Rave reviews led to headlining her own club dates, and playing arenas in support of the Rolling Stones, and from listening to Bob Dylan to opening for him. She easily slipped into the role of “Canadian singer-songwriting icon.” Other recordings have followed, and throughout, this brilliant musician and lyricist continues to connect with people like us in a profound and unique way. Let’s meet in the park to experience Kathleen’s way with a lyric, her humour, her insights delivered in that unmistakable voice.