Kaki King

This artist performed at the VFMF in 2013


Kaki King (NY)
Independent and unconventional, guitarist Kaki King has been hailed by Rolling Stone as “a genre unto herself.” She is a true iconoclast, a visionary musician and artist whose singular work rightly stands out amongst the more easily categorized work around her.  Over her decade-long career thus far, this Brooklyn-based guitar-wizard and composer has recorded five extraordinarily diverse and distinctive LPs, covering a broad and innovative range of musical styles, from Celtic to chamber and beyond. She’s also performed with such icons as Foo Fighters, Timbaland, and The Mountain Goats, and contributed to a variety of film and TV soundtracks. Since her fully acoustic guitar recording (2002’s Everybody Loves You), King has expanded and reconceived the role of the solo instrumental artist, constantly moving beyond the boundaries of what’s expected. For guitar aficionados, and for those who appreciate true musical genius, a treat is in store.